Becky and Sym

Becky and Sym | Crown Hall Farm | Spalding | 4th September 2021



It is always nice to see new venues pop up and this beautiful venue was simply just a boathouse with a lake surrounded in a building site when Becky and Sym booked this wedding venue. Their vision did not disappoint them and it certainly didn’t disappoint my creativity taste buds. Filled with lots of quirky areas, colourful trees, rustic backdrops, a fine bridge, a little and most important of all, a great setting for your ceremony. To top all of the plus sides of this venue, it is has a fully equipped marquee too that has been carefully planned out for comfort and space. Crown Hall Farm can be found on the outskirts of Spalding at West Pinchbeck.

I started my day at the Bride’s parents house where I was met with humbleness. Becky told me about how she met Sym and again it relates to fate. They crossed paths from the gap of 16 years which spanned from 6th form to Sym working with the Becky’s sister. Our man, Sym, didn’t waste anymore time and reconnected with Becky. On their first date that they heard a song called “I Won’t Get Grazed” by Ocean Colour Scene, which is not only Sym’s favorite song but was used for their first dance song.

Our Groom is also a romantic, and any man that chooses Greece, yet alone Santorini, is a top romantic guy in my books. Sym proposed to me Becky on her birthday, the day before they went on their dream holiday to Santorini. Becky hadn’t been up long and was still in her pyjamas. He wrapped up a series of small birthday gifts labelling each gift with ‘because you….’. So in gift labelled ‘because you are always cold’, there was a scarf, then in gift ‘because you love reading’ there was a book, and in ‘because you like to be comfortable’ there was some pyjamas. There were all sorts of these sweet gifts and then finally led to the last gift which was a card Sym had bought months ago without Becky knowing in Disneyland Paris. The card was of a Disney illustration Becky had seen in a shop and loved. In this card he had written a huge list of ‘because you’s’ about Becky….’because you are feisty’, ‘because you are supportive of everything I do’, ‘because you adopted my cat’ etc. and then at the end it said ‘and because of all this I want to marry you’. And then when she turned round he was on one knee with a ring!

Crown Hall Farm is such a great venue, and like all new venues, I pre visited the venue and carried out my necessary recce. It is not just the photography side of things that makes this venue so good. It perfectly snug away but easily accessible too. I like the fact that you can have a wedding car drop you off right at your processional route, a beautiful marquee and great staff too. Photography wise, this is one of those venue where you are certainly going to get different photos every time making your wedding as unique as you are. Each season will surely offer a change of scenery but yet in the same location. I really can’t wait to return to this gorgeous gem.

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