Ruth and Nikki

Ruth and Nikki | Our Scottish Wedding Day | The Caves And Princess Street Gardens | Edinburgh | 28th June 2019



I am always fortunate to be taken on adventures with my profession, but there are times when I just feel extremely lucky to where it takes me. From the neolithic monument of Stonehenge, to a state park in America, I am always excited to where my work will take me next. Sometimes I feel that all the things  I have learned or experienced in the past have come together. From hitting targets in the armed forces, urbexing, street photography, to photographing weddings at tourist attractions, it seems that all of my experiences were put into one with this wedding in Edinburgh.

Culture, vibe, friendliness, history and architecture, Edinburgh is all that. I write this journal with such a hole in my heart that can only be filled by returning to this amazing city. And what has brought me to this city? Meet Ruth, of Irish descent and Nikki who is from Edinburgh. Nikki was born in Edinburgh and I knew that I had to deliver photography that not only told the story of his wedding day but to bring the background to life of the city he was born in. That’s not to say we must forget about our bride. Ruth told me that she selected me from various photographers, from the ones local to Edinburgh (sorry guys), to others recommend on a thread on social media.

Edinburgh has vast amounts of 18th century vaults where whisky was stored. The wedding ceremony was to be carried out at The Caves on Niddry Street South, owned by Unusual Venues. The Caves is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where I am honoured to share the story of this truly magical Edinburgh wedding. Ruth and Nikki also bought rights to have their post-wedding photographs at the stunning grounds of the Princess Street Gardens, which is overlooked by Edinburgh Castle.

This was a traditional Scottish wedding and my first. Nikki and his groomsmen wore traditional kilts and all the attire. It is a little different to English weddings. Firstly there is only the registrar and the wording is a little different. The Caves gave me a lighting challenge because it was not only dark but very pink in lighting. Then my next challenge was after the ceremony, the walk right through the heart of the city. Imagine hundreds of people (mainly tourists) doing their thing while you are trying to work.  Whether they are by car or on foot, passers-by just seem to give you the freedom as a wedding photographer. I had cars stopping on the road while I took photos and passers-by going around my field of view. To the people of Edinburgh, tourist or local, THANK YOU!

I also decided to feature in this journal something that is always overlooked at weddings. Everyone wants the natural shots but isn’t about time to do the basics? What is wrong with a photo with your partner, your sister, your child or your mother? We are all comfortable at taking selfies and they are far from the natural side of things. So, I have focused on a vast amount of classic formal photographs. It is not just a case of point and shoot. There is a skill in the formal shots too…ever thought about the background, lighting and your eyes? For me, it is all in the framing and aperture. But let’s not get too technical.

Scotland really has a heritage that it is kept alive and well by its people. It is a very proud and a beautiful country. So once again I am honored to be telling the story of this amazing celtic infused couple.

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