Telisa and Adam

Telisa and Adam | Our Destination Wedding | Fairy Stone State Park | Virginia | USA | 28th April 2018



Think of a romantic fairy tale, one where two hearts are four thousand miles apart. There are long distance relationships and there are relationships where commitment involves fifteen hours worth of travelling, along with two flights. I have a real true love story where dreams became a reality, where two hearts finally became united from so far away. The perfect setting for this dream wedding was located at the aptly named Fairy Stone State Park, USA. It is home to the mysterious “Fairy Stones” (staurolite), which are naturally formed cross designed stones.

The story continued from when Adam and Telisa booked me for an engagement shoot in Cambridge back in 2017. With the prospects of becoming their photographer for their wedding in the US, I had to work my magic. After the engagement shoot in the heart of City of Cambridge, I got a call from Adam and Telisa, giving me news beyond my dreams…this was the call that gave me the status of International Photographer. I have done destination weddings before in countries such as Greece, but America is a level beyond. 

The location for Adam and Telisa’s wedding was set in a state park, the equivalent to a national park here in the UK. When I arrived in Greensboro airport, I was picked up by the couple to take me to my hotel where I could get a chance to unwind. The next day was recce time. Fairy Stone State Park is nestled in Stuart, Virginia. It is famous for its fairy stones, which give it the parks name. The state park has holiday cabins and the rustic Fayerdale Hall, home for wedding ceremonies and receptions. At the heart of the state park is a gorgeous lake along with a sandy beach. Look around you and you will find hotspots for the artistic mind.

On the wedding day the bride and her team were getting ready in cabin 8. One memory that I will never forget was the brides’s car journey to the ceremony. Lorisa, the bride’s sister, floored the wedding car and this made things rather fun and challenging taking pictures. This reminded me of “Jackass” when one of the guys was getting a tattoo on jeep across sand dunes. Well try taking pictures with a 4×4 with no speed limit and a sister trying to get her bride to her wedding!

The wedding celebrations went smoothly with some rare traditions brought back to life. Firstly, there was the sand ceremony. This is where the couples have two different colours of sand and they pour it into a glass box. This symbolises the union of each other and the families between the two coloured sands. Secondly, there was rice for the confetti. This again is an old custom but it was beautiful to see it again. Sources suggest the tradition is a few thousand years old and represents fertility. Either way, the couple were well marinated. My bride and groom shoot went to plan from the pre wedding recce and I even got some unexpected masterpieces. 

I often get very excited members of the public when they hear of my destination weddings. The usual response is “wow they pay for your flight and accommodation! Lucky you!”. Although at first thoughts this may be the case but think of it this way; I am taken out of my working time or week. I can have up to 3 weddings excluding photoshoots in a week. This however is not possible for me if a destination wedding is booked. So, I am technically booked by the couple for a whole week where I can no longer receive any bookings in that time away.

Telisa and Adam, thank you for being my breakthrough to becoming an acclaimed International Photographer…

…and you thought I’d forget to mention you? I cannot end this journal without the mention of a very special person, the best man, Al. He looked after me where the world seemed so big and confusing. We experienced Toys and Co, shared a room for a week. Adam, I know why he is your best man and best friend, he is an immortal soul with such a heart. Thank you Al for looking after me.




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