Tribute to RAF UPWOOD | Cambridgeshire | 2nd October 2020


As I write this journal on the 2nd October 2020, our beloved RAF Upwood, is being torn down. Before I even begin to write about the history of the base, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to this significant historical building for giving me a chance to develop my photography skills and build up my business. Like many others who are fascinated with urbexing or simply using the base as a super backdrop for projects, I have immortalised RAF Upwood with photography.

It was only in 2016, I really began to experiment with wireless remote flash, book models to explore my capabilities and to really get creative without the LIVE aspect of a wedding. The beauty about fashion themed photoshoots is that you can experiment and try things out before going in real time at a wedding. I found this so useful as I could use all that I have learned from a shoot and take it to a wedding. The art of framing was a great eye to focus on all aspects. Sculpting the models was a also a good way to review and fine tune postures for brides and bridesmaids. This is not to say you stage the composition, but to fine tune it.

RAF Upwood is grand and has been left to ruin since its closure in 2012. It played a major part in both first and second world wars, with further activity during the Cold War. Both our RAF and the USAF have been using the base since it was built in 1917. There were many squadrons stationed here during world war two which included those that flew Bristol Blenheims, Mosquitos and the Lancaster.

The famous water tower had been torn down yesterday which left me no words. There was no remorse. I can only say three words…Lest We Forget. I respect the life I have thanks to those that gave their lives for the life we have today. I would like to say a massive thank you to my models Lavi, Marianna and to my partner in crime, Feroza for creating wonderful artistry. I will miss this place but at the same time haunted by the fact that these photos will NEVER be able to be reproduced.

For all those that served at RAF UPWOOD, thank you





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