Pride the Bride

Pride The Bride | Bridal Fashion | Feroza’s Artistry | Featuring Anka Zapała, Indrija Kustov And Sophia Sillence | Orton Hall | Peterborough | 12th January 2019




Are you made to be a maid? You can have all the friends in the world but when a friend is so fond of you and asks you to become her bridesmaid, traditional or modern, being a bridesmaid has some very dark routes…

From what I have read, bridesmaids in Roman times acted as decoys to confuse jealous suitors. The Romans were also very superstitious and believed that during happy celebrations, evil spirits would try to cause chaos. So a bridesmaid acted as a form of good luck charm and to keep evil eyes off the bride. The more there were at a wedding, the more luck.  In Victorian times, bridesmaids matched the bride visually, make the favours, hand out flowers, dress the bride, and to really live out the true meaning of the term “maid”. Bridesmaids in this period also wore veils too, but they were slightly shorter than the bride’s. In more recent times the bridesmaids would match both the bride’s attire and glamour.

Today we think of the word “maid” as a servant who have duties to attend to. But if we put the ancient and modern together, a bridesmaid’s duty is to keep away bad spirits at bay, attend to her bride, look as glamorous as she and to also become a traditional accessory. “Pride the Bride” is my theme for this shoot, commissioned by a top HMUA in Peterborough, “ Feroza’s Artistry”. Owner, Feroza, gave me her ingredients for me to create a recipe for a bridal shoot. Well, with a background of mythology and diversity, I came up with a shoot that would not only glamour the bride, but to highlight the bridesmaids. I also wanted show the pride and honour towards our bride. After all bridesmaids are servents of the bride.

We all see the usual symmetry of a nice candid shot of a set of bridesmaids and their honoured bride, but lets take things a step further. We can line up a set of bridesmaids in quirky way, get them to pose in a satisfying symmetrical way, but let’s turn the notch past maximum. Let’s take things to the Nikos level and see what happens…

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