Nicole White

Nicole White | Modelling Debut | Dreams Portfolio | RAF Collyweston | 14th August 2018



If I was to tell you that this was Nicole’s first ever modelling shoot, what would you say? Nicole booked the Dreams portfolio, which consists of 3 separate shoots (on location and studio) and my personal MUA, Feroza. As a beginner, my portfolio shoots come with full coaching and training. Nicole was also in luck as I had two companies wanting a model to promote their merchandise and clothing, which meant she would be published. The gallery of Nicole’s shoot has been set in a timeline to show her progress and at the exact time of writing this journal, she has one more shoot left with a different theme.

We started off at the studio where Nicole made her modelling debut. Being only just 13 years of age, a parent or guardian of over 18 years of age must be present during all shoots, along with a fully completed “minor model release form“. I gave her full training and the first set of shots are what I call “rusty“. Rusty shots are just to get the model warmed up and comfortable. It did not take Nicole long to get into the flow of things as becoming a model is her dream. I often find that whether a beginner or a fully experienced model, the clothing makes a huge difference. Some themes or clothing can make a model in the zone and you can see which theme they will destroy.

The Dreams portfolio includes a make up artist throughout the shoots and she usually stays present until the last click of the camera. This is vital as top ups may be needed on the make up during the shoots or if the day consists of more than one look. Feroza’s Artistry is based in Peterborough and I have always used Feroza for hair and make up with all my shoots. She loves challenges too and often finds that I demand work in unknown territory for her. But this is a positive thing because the more styles you know, the more adaptable you can be. Make up isn’t just a case of changing one’s look. Feroza is very skilled at highlighting existing looks of the individual. Make up is a crucial part to ANY photography, it enhances appearances. Feroza’s way of eye make up is sharper than a razor blade and I never get to appreciate just how good it is until I edit the photographs when I zoom right into them. We work as a team and this is what helps make stunning photography and make up. She always asks me for my opinion on colours when it comes to our shoots. As I have mentioned in other journals, I love to see what Feroza comes up with, I give her the ingredients to a recipe, not the other way around.

The second shoot took us to one of my favourite urbexing locations, RAF Collyweston / Wittering. It was used as a bomb dump for World War 2 and I also heard that some scenes from Mission Impossible may have been recorded here. Abandoned and left to hide its history while nature takes over, this was our location for Nicole’s next shoot. Her second shoot was also exciting because Nicole would be modelling apparel from a company in San Francisco, California, SF Threads. They thrive in their slogan, “made local, worn global“. Well this was certainly the case. They have all the Californian apparel needed for skaters, surfers and beach babes. They also sponsor many companies and raise money for Autism charities too.

Straight away you can see Nicole’s confidence growing. Nicole is very gifted as a model and at such a young age, it is crucial to build her confidence. Towards the end of the SF Threads shoot, I put Nicole on the spot. We went into hanger 36 and I told Nicole to show me what she had learned from me. Her reply was very confident and she said “let me grab that skateboard”. She did sensational and rocked each look.

The final theme for the day was the distressed and ripped red dress. With her confidence way into maximum overdrive, Nicole stunned us all. She impressed me very much with this theme and she literally owned the moves. I am very excited for Nicole’s next shoot with me and the theme is a little top secret but I will keep you posted on social media.



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