Hannah and Daniel

Hannah and Daniel | Our Wedding Day | William Cecil | Stamford | 29th September 2018



The clouds and the sky have always fascinated mankind. We look up at the skies and watch in wonder as the clouds change formation, morphing into different weather systems. The clouds bring us rain, snow and sunny days. The bond between the sky and the clouds is an eternal one. While we are in awe of the sky’s phenomenon that happens day by day, we take for granted the link between love and marriage. Marriage needs a commitment for life, whereas love depends on the person. A person can love in many different ways and can choose to bring happiness or destruction, just like the weather. We face challenges even if we are in love…when clouds change and the skies darken, love will shine through. The vows we take during marriage secure us that through snow, heavy rain, a sunny day will come through. The weather can be devastating, but we must respect it at the same time. In sickness and health, we must stand strong and shower bad times with love.

Once again I return to the William Cecil, and I made a promise to create some unique photography for Hannah and Daniel. Yes they wanted my signature style shots and my eye to capture natural portraits, but this time I was a cloud with a very different formation. It was also ironic that I couldn’t do some of the usual shots due to cars and traffic.

The day also brought me new and exciting visuals such as falconry, a London bus, a classic mini and a very talented illusionist. Hannah was supplied with a 2 tier finger-tip length veil for her wedding dress and not a cathedral length one. I knew that Hannah really loved my cathedral length shots and wish she could have had this type of veil. What did I do next? Just like the clouds, I changed shape, got in my car and legally got to my house and back to the William Cecil in no time at all with a cathedral length veil. Yes, I have my own veils, with a choice of colours.

Adding to uniqueness, the rings were brought to the ceremony by a beautiful snow white owl. This scene could have gone wrong but it did not and our best man caught our owl under supervision of Raptor Falconry. After the gorgeous ceremony, I took Hannah and Daniel for their personal shoot around the streets of Stamford. As mentioned above, I wanted to give them some very unique shots. I even did some sweet shots in the courtyard of the William Cecil, which I had never done before with the bride and groom. Keeping the groom for the final part of this paragraph, he was subject to Sean Heydon’s breathtaking levitation trick. Sean is superb magician/illusionist and when you see the levitation trick in reality, it is mind blowing.

This was my final wedding at the William Cecil for the year and I look forward to more in the future years. It was also nice to be known by the staff of the William Cecil as the “photographer with the veil shots”. It is always nice to be recognised by your style.


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