Leonie and Jay

Leonie & Jay | Our Wedding Day | Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall Hospice | The Bell, Stilton | 12th May 2018     I have always been about contrasts to compliment the beauty in something. Everything in life has an opposite within its own spectrum, so whichever end of the scale you want to optimise, … Read more Leonie and Jay

Telisa and Adam

Telisa and Adam | Our Destination Wedding | Fairy Stone State Park | Virginia | USA | 28th April 2018     Think of a romantic fairy tale, one where two hearts are four thousand miles apart. There are long distance relationships and there are relationships where commitment involves fifteen hours worth of travelling, along … Read more Telisa and Adam

Sophie and Tom

Sophie and Tom | Cotswold Wedding Day | Puckrup Hall and Mary Magdalene Church | Tewkesbury | 8th September 2017     Snug quietly on the edge of the Cotswolds and buzzing from the picturesque historical medieval town of Tewkesbury, are the villages Puckrup, Church End and Twyning. Bringing me back to the Cotswolds is … Read more Sophie and Tom

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