Feroza’s Artistry

 Aiden van Rensburg | Indrija Kustov | Sophie Bole | Featuring Feroza’s Artistry | Peterborough | 11th June 2018



When a very creative make up and hair creative asks you to highlight and complement their artistry through photography, I knew that it was time to take my photography to the levels beyond the depths of my capacity. Studio photography and Nikos is a combination unheard of, but creativeness and experimentation is something that comes natural to me. Provided with 3 professional published models and a blank canvas, it was time to put my Elinchrom lighting kit to its full potential.

I am not only honoured to have Feroza as my personal make up artist for all kinds of shoots, from weddings to fashion, she is also an established hair and make up artist based in Peterborough. Feroza asked me to produce something that I have never done before, full on studio photography. In the wise words of one of the models, Aiden, she said to me “you can do it, you’re creative, you have the equipments, take your time and you can achieve anything”. This was exactly what I did. Her words were more than inspiring. I had the knowledge and experience, but I have never ventured into the world of umbrellas and continuous lighting.

Our models were exceptional and carefully chosen by Feroza. First, the famous Aiden van Rensburg. She is a versatile model , dancer and fashion model that has no fear of the catwalk. Oh sorry did I forget to mention she is only 16? Next was Indrija, a very experienced model with a blend of chic and dark. Indrija has that look that can contrast between classic sixties and dark urban looks. And to finish off, we have Sophie, a model coach from Lincolnshire, our lady in red,

The backdrops were very well thought out with different colours and dynamics to accent the make up. And to keep my personal touch into my photography, I even featured a cathedral length veil into the photography. The veil worked beautifully to add direction too, especially when it came to the model’s hair and positioning.

Feroza and I work as a team to enhance the final composition. We thrive on each others creative aspirations. Make up is such an important part of photography. Did you know that even in the days of black and white television, the cast would wear make up to enhance the highlights and tones? The main purpose of this shoot was to advertise and promote a hair and make up artist’s work. Ultimately, when it involves me, Nikos, you know it will be different.




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